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Hi Tech!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Tech!!!!!!!!!!! Empty Hi Tech!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by sexijeni on Mon Aug 03, 2009 2:34 am

Hi Tech!!!

> Three Men, Singaporean, Japanese And Filipino Were Sitting Naked In A
> Sauna. Suddenly There Was A Beeping Sound.the Singaporean Pressed His
> Forearm
> And The Beep Stopped. The Others Looked At
> Him Questioningly. "that Was My Pager" He Said,"i Have A Micro Chip
> Under The Skin Of My Arm."
> A Few Minutes Later A Phone Rang. The Japanese Fellow Lifted His Palm To
> His Ear. When He Finished He Expained,"that Was My Mobile Phone. I Have
> A
> Micro Chip In My Hand."
> The Filipino Felt Decidedly Low Tech, But Not To Be Outdone He Decided
> He Had To Do Something Just As Impressive. He Stepped Out Of The Sauna
> And Went
> To The Bathroom. He Returned With A Piece Of Toilet Paper Hanging From
> His Butt. The Others Raised Their Eyebrows And Stared At Him.
> The Filipino Finally ! Said......."ay Dios Mio, Will You Look At That?!
> I'm Getting A Fax..."

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4th Yr High School
4th Yr High School

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